Darn girl the way you punch

those produce codes makes me want

to want to save myself for marriage.


Jaycie, check me out. Let me be

your bag boy, your paper plastic

knight. I wanna meet your mom,


I wanna see your old toy horses.

I’ll show you my Eagle Scout badge

if you show me your Gold Award.


Whisper secret things to me, like

have you considered accepting Jesus

Christ as your lord and savior?


I’ll make you latkes and teach you all

the Hanukkah blessings if you make me

a mix CD of your favorite Christian Rock


and call it “the GREATEST love songs ever.”

After all, Jaycie, I’m vulnerable—I’m only

half, and we kind of do Christmas too.


Let’s watch Seventh Heaven and eat

Baked Lays together under your

home ec blanket. Tell me


I’m going to hell as you pull

my hand from the waistband

of your pajama pants.


Photo By: Joanne Fong