Light the Terminal Tower in the colors
of Johnny Manziel’s middle finger. Let fly

that fuck you phalange; may it soar to heaven.
Forget Lebron, Johnny’s bird alone can save us.

Johnny’s finger for Super Bowl MVP.
Johnny’s finger for City Council. For Mayor.

Johnny, we believe in you and we believe
in your avian salute. Let that defiant digit lift

this city for once and for fucking all. Extinguish
the Cuyahoga by waving a single metacarpal.

Let that Aggie finger eclipse the sun and cast its long
shadow over the flats, the innerbelt, the steel mills,

the lonely lakeshore. May it block Dan Snyder’s leering
view of the white girl in cutoffs and a feathered headdress.



Photo: Johnny Manziel by Erik Drost