Finally, another American Poetry Film festival has arrived.  There have been far too few as of late.  Matter of fact, for the last couple years, the East Coast based Rabbit Heart Poetry Film Festival  has been the only other annual American poetry film festival that I know of.  Well, here comes its West Coast counterpart.

R.W. Perkins’ Juteback Poetry Film Festival had another life, or maybe more accurately a twin brother who went off to live in the shadowlands.  This was The Body Electric Poetry Film Festival.  Its flame was brief but bright.  Now after taking some time away from poetry film to make his first feature, R.W. has revived his Fort Collins CO. festival under a new name. You’ll want to go here to learn more.

It’s going to be a good day for poetry films, and it all starts with your submissions.

Also, by way of full disclosure, I’m involved.