Lake Bolsena, Italy

The water, there is so much of it. Once we tried to walk around the rim, traced maybe
5%. When his brother was born, stitched into a hospital, we said, Here is what to do with
fear: reach into the water, fold the soap into, around your hands, let the water run.
But he is
years beyond this now, has added new rituals — rich, lustrous blooms around the crater. This
morning his brother pulled rocks from the lake, found emerald glass, but quickly dropped
it. You can hold it, we said. The water takes away its edges. See? You can turn it over in your
LAKE BOLSENA, ITALY by Ginger Hanchey

Photo used under CC.

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Ginger Hanchey is a lecturer in the English Department at Baylor University, where she specializes in Old English poetics. Her first poetry collection, Letters of a Long Name, will appear at the end of July 2019 with Finishing Line Press. Her work appears most recently in Nashville Review, Foundry, Tar River Poetry, and Dunes Review.

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