Late Afternoon, Cozumel

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Poetry

The heat and what the air

holds you with, moisture

on the skin. I cannot

complain. The smell of lime


in everything, the market,

the taxi, the small cocinas.

And, yes, sun. That’s what

we’ve come for. The breeze


which moves the flowers

on their slender stems.

A thousand years the waves

have broken on this shore.


Ten thousand years. We’ve got

all we can do to sit here

waiting for the moon to rise,

waiting for the first faint stars.

Photo By:¬†laveta’s fragments

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Tom Montag’s books of poetry include: Making Hay & Other Poems; Middle Ground; The Big Book of Ben Zen; In This Place: Selected Poems 1982-2013; This Wrecked World; The Miles No One Wants; Love Poems; Seventy at Seventy and The River Will Tell You (forthcoming). His poem ‘Lecturing My Daughter in Her First Fall Rain’ has been permanently incorporated into the design of the Milwaukee Convention Center. He blogs at The Middlewesterner. With David Graham he recently co-edited Local News: Poetry About Small Towns.