Les os (Bones)

by | Mixed Media

From Alain Larose: Thirty years ago, I was looking for a way to express myself. I first tried my hand on songs that turned out not to be much since I am not a musician. Then I thought short films could do it but things like Final Cut had not yet reached our home computers. So I found myself with a pen and a sheet of paper and began writing poems, hoping it would translate into words (and some kind of music) the images I had in mind. I did it for quite a few years before Jean Coulombe, Denis Samson and myself came together in 2009 to create a poetry blog (CLS Poésie) on which we thought we could reach poetry readers easier than through printed publications. Since Jean and Denis were already into photography, the making of videopoems just seemed to be the next step. Multidisciplinary artist Gilbert Sévigny (and his technical skills) later joined and the four of us have been collaborating ever since. This platform extends our means of expression, bringing together creative writing, photography and sometimes music with the help of musician friends. The themes usually explore the temporality of our personal lives and their territories, both real and imaginary. Here, a man sits in a dark place. Glimpses of family movies are projected full speed on a wall near him. A school bus comes down the landscape in the back of his mind. “Les os / Bones” tells a story about family, memory and loss.

About The Author


Alain Larose has been living in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec (Canada) since 2011. La Revue des Forges (poetry review) published in 1991 his poetic suite entitled Lettre de ruptures which was nominated for the Alphonse-Piché Prize at the Trois-Rivières Poetry Festival. Alain Larose is one of the three founding members of CLS Poésie, a poetry blog (poesiecls.blogspot.com) and has published Harikots (2009), Poèmes pour Pierrette (2012) and La chanson de ma mère (2018) with Moult Éditions (Montreal). His poems have also been printed in the Exit poetry review in Quebec (2015) and Népenthès in France. La chanson de ma mère won the poetry prize at the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean Book Fair (Québec) in 2018.

– La chanson de ma mère, Moult Éditions, 2018.
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