This time of year always puts me a bit on edge (I mean, more than usual). Unlike a lot of people I know, I happen to love winter and so I’m always sad to see it go. Also, and very much like a lot of people I know, I am averse to preparing my taxes. These two things blend together in the rocks-glass of my brain to make a cocktail of quiet dread.

And yet, along with that, I get a feeling of just getting on with it, already. An energy and an ambition. An organization–of paper, of thoughts. Of digital exes and ohs.

In this spirit, I wanted to let you all know that we’ll be taking a short publishing break here at Atticus to work on a web site revamp. We’re excited to do some remodeling and bring Atticus Review head-first into 2017. For the next three weeks we won’t be publishing any new content, but we will start up again on April 17th with a new look. Also, during this time we are going to close all submission categories except for Mixed Media. Be ready to send us more great stuff when we re-launch!

The current site will remain up during our publishing break. There has been some remarkable stuff posted here over the last few weeks. While we’re on break, have a look through some of the great fiction, mixed media, nonfiction, and poetry we’ve published recently. This is what we want more of. In particular, these pieces have really resonated with me:

Romance as Resistance

New Moon

Travel Plans

Why Do We Age

How to Clean a House

Round Baby Grabs Her Scalpel

When the Aliens Come

Wasp’s Honey

Fuck the Politics

Thank you for being here.

See you on April 17th. In the meantime, keep writing good shit. Begin anyway.


Atticus Review - Begin Anyway