They won Best Pair at the Halloween party. He was Han Solo and she was Princess Leia. Their friends made him say “I know” until he began doing it unprompted. Later, when they were back home and undressing, he asked if she would please call him “Captain Solo.” She laughed at his blushing face and said yes.

She woke the next morning as he was dressing for work. She turned the light on and noticed he was wearing his costume again. “What are you doing?” she asked.

He slid his blaster into the holster. “Going to work.”

“Not in the outfit.”

“People will like it,” he said, turning toward the door.

“They’ll think you’re crazy.”

He whirled around and lowered his voice. “I know.”

After two days of the costume, she was ready to kick him out. After two weeks she was ready to leave. “It gives me confidence,” he protested. “Everyone looks at me in a totally different way. I think I’m about to get a raise.”

The next day his office called to say he’d been fired last week and would she please stop him from coming in? She tried to make him see reason after that, but by then he spoke only of the Kessel Run and how many parsecs he could make it in.

He returned home one night to find her wearing the Princess Leia costume. “Han,” she whispered, eyes full of love.


“Get out of those clothes.”

He stripped naked and opened his arms, ready for her embrace. She grabbed his clothes and ran outside. She had a gas can waiting on the back lawn. She burned everything under the stars.

That night she had her husband back. They cuddled in bed and she nearly wept from relief.

She woke the next morning as he was dressing for work. He was naked except for a belt worn diagonally across his torso. “What are you doing?” she asked. He opened his mouth and roared.


Photo By: JD Hancock