Light Throwing Light On Nothing But Itself

by | Mixed Media


Artist’s Statement:

Well, regarding my work in ‘poetry-films’ I like to think of things this way: the conceit is to hit the trifecta. A poem, riveted together with film and music exercises its chances of being experienced as it was originally written to be — seen and heard. Strange I know. The poem, off the hoary page, lit up in color shades and shadow, enhanced by music becomes something greater than the poem ever was. Not to be out done, I’m looking for my poetry-films to pluck moving images out of their predictable doldrums because yes, film becomes, as I hope my work betrays, a different animal when an accompanying  lyric becomes the images’ sole screenplay. When thoughtfully done, an original musical score, contoured around poem and film becomes the third actor in the trifecta.

About The Author


Michael Martin is a poet, editor and film-maker living in North Carolina. In 2020 he was a finalist for Poetry International’s, Cavafy Poetry Prize. His first collection of poetry, Extended Remark, was published by Portals Press in 2015. Poems from his new poetry manuscript appear in literary journals such as Denver Quarterly, EPOCH, American Journal of Poetry, Poetry Ireland, RHINO, Salamander, among many others. His poetry-films have been officially selected and received awards in international film festival competitions such as Buenos Aires International Film Festival and NYC’s Northern Film Festival. For a decade Martin lived in Amsterdam where he was a feature writer and editor with Amsterdam Weekly; in 2010 he edited the Harper’s anthology, Rules of the Game: The Best Sports Writing from Harper’s Magazine.