I spend a fair bit of time in online remix culture. Over the past seven months, I’ve put together 27 videopoems, all of them made up of pre-existing footage, music and voice recordings found on the net (via Creative Commons licences or direct permission of the artists). Most of these videos have been in connection with The Poetry Storehouse. ‘Listen’ was made six months ago from a poem I found at the Storehouse by David Coldwell, in Yorkshire, UK. I felt an intimate mystery in the poem. I found surreal wonderment in the crypto-scientific conversation and a sense of weightlessness in the space between two people. Astronauts came to mind. I found NASA footage via the Prelinger Archives. The shots are dated circa 1965 but the person inside the space suit remains unknown, which suits the poem too. The music in the video is by Elaine Frost aka Auditory Rhythm, in Suffolk, UK, a track called ‘Euphorian’, which she kindly gave me permission to include. The voice is by Nic Sebastian: poet, video maker and creator of The Poetry Storehouse. Her huge body of voice recordings can be found all over the net. A collection of my other videos have been featured at Moving Poems and Gnarled Oak.



About The Author

Marie Craven

Marie Craven (Queensland, Australia) assembles short videos from poetry, music, voice, stills and moving images by various artists around the world, collaborating internationally via the internet. Since 2014, Marie has created over 70 videopoems. Her earliest involvement in media was in the mid-1980s with super 8 film-making in Melbourne. See more of her work at mariecraven.net.