Words: “Manicotti” from “The Typewriter Underground” by Marc Zegans.
Direction: Ellen Hemphill & Jim Haverkamp
Music: Allison Leyton-Brown
Featuring: Jeff Alguire, Ahnna Beruk, Germain Choffart, J Evarts, Jessica Flemming, Shelby Hahn, Derrick Ivey, Tom Marriott, Chris Vitiello, Dale Wolf
Narration: Jim Haverkamp
Videography: Alex Maness & Jim Haverkamp
Editing: Jim Haverkamp
An Archipelago Theatre/Cine production

Big thanks to cast and crew for their improvisation skills and artistry!

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About Author


Jim Haverkamp is a filmmaker and video editor based in Durham, North Carolina. Ellen Hemphill is a theater director and founder of Archipelago Theatre/CINE, a multimedia troupe based in North Carolina, USA.

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