Looking at gathered chicken bones

a manmade beaver dam on a plate   takes me


back to my mutt   Lady   shepherd mixed with

another soup in doggy DNA   How apropos


even for humans   She would devour these bones

mixed with her crunchy dog dinner   I scrape


the scraps into the garbage  thinking I eat chicken

when dogs today eat shrimp   filet mignon   rice


and vegetables   not table scraps   How heavy that

word “change”   Were we lucky no bones ever


got stuck in her throat?   Or did evolution change

the way dogs take things in  with all this hybrid-


mixing?   Were my parents lucky   as well   no bones

of catfish   of buffalo   got stuck in my throat?


What are the wolf   the coyote   the wild dog   and stray

doing incorrectly when eating boney things?


I place greasy plate under hot sink water   wash

away residue of centrical thoughts   When a boy


we took in hairy wet strays   As a man   the streets

are strayless   The bones in garbage   singing


Photo by catd_mitchell