Artist’s statement: “Master” is a realization, a personal reflection where you see all that is wrong within and trace back the lines to how you got there — and of course the affirmation of never going back. I’m big on descriptive imagery and love providing specific images when referencing conventional topics, and being able to describe the breaking of a heart or growth in a special and relatable way is important. I don’t always like to rhyme, but this piece came naturally while doing so, and I had a lot of fun switching up the scheme of things. My writing is always very real and personal to me, and comes as a form of release first and foremost. But I tried to construct this in a way where anyone can relate to it. I’m sure a lot of us see or have seen ourselves as disasters or failures at times, and we all yearn to make the change — realizing there is a change to make is where it starts, and is by far the most difficult part.