Menopause as Grace

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Poetry







The hormones I have kissed goodbye, happy
as a wife bestowing a blessing on
a husband she hopes will die in the war
he sets off to fight. They restricted me,
commanded me, forced to obey them
much as a survivor of the Stockholm
Bank where such tendencies were observed. Back
to childhood when I never looked in the
mirror to toss a crumb! All internal
and developing, dendritic searching,
skill acquisition whirlwinds, learning what
should be squeezed hard and what stroked, why you can’t
break the stem of a flower and have it
stand right again, all inward while outside
exists for me only to marvel at
and appreciate! Ah, estrogen, I
do not wish you well as you lump breasts with
the results of your excessiveness. My
daughter’s deep sleep lasts as long as she wants,
all I envy about fertility.


Photo By Kelsey May

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Sandra Kolankiewicz’s poems and short stories have appeared in many journals, including Gargoyle, Per Contra, Bluestem, Five Poetry Review, Cortland Review, Chaffey Review, Rhino, New Plains Lit, and Bellingham Review. Turning Inside Out won the Black River Competition at Black Lawrence Press. Blue Eyes Don’t Cry won the Hackney Award for the Novel. She teaches Developmental English in West Virginia.