The hormones I have kissed goodbye, happy
as a wife bestowing a blessing on
a husband she hopes will die in the war
he sets off to fight. They restricted me,
commanded me, forced to obey them
much as a survivor of the Stockholm
Bank where such tendencies were observed. Back
to childhood when I never looked in the
mirror to toss a crumb! All internal
and developing, dendritic searching,
skill acquisition whirlwinds, learning what
should be squeezed hard and what stroked, why you can’t
break the stem of a flower and have it
stand right again, all inward while outside
exists for me only to marvel at
and appreciate! Ah, estrogen, I
do not wish you well as you lump breasts with
the results of your excessiveness. My
daughter’s deep sleep lasts as long as she wants,
all I envy about fertility.


Photo By Kelsey May