No one taught me how

to be a man and bullies

taunted me for not

being one and I never

fought back when they

made me punch myself

because deep down I

suspected that Mr. Simpson

had me pegged when he

called me a little wiener

and even though my mom

says I’m the handsomest

asthmatic in Springfield

it was shortsighted of me

to purchase 2000 copies

of the flop comic book Biclops

and I must have done

something to make Mom leave

Dad alone in that racecar bed

so I guess I agreed with

Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney

when they wrapped me in

bumper stickers, shoved me

into a shopping cart and

down a steep hill.  Deep down

somehow I thought they were right

that I deserved to be tripped

on the sidewalk, my arms

locked in a wrestling hold

called the crucifix armbar

as I yelped Uncle, Uncle

and thought Father, Father

and help, you’re the ultimate

superhero so why

have you forsaken me?



Photo By: r. nial bradshaw