Minimalist Lullaby

by | Jun 17, 2015 | Poetry

si se pudieran fundir las guitarras

para elaborar una sinfonía sólida

que dé cuenta de la sabiduría del suelo.

si el oxígeno se pudiera amasar

para hacer una estatua del vacío

que deviene después de cualquier acto.

si las rocas pudieran ser convertidas

en canción de cuna yo podría dormir.

si una música cualquiera sonara ahora

el paisaje sería otro

yo sería otro

pero la música sería siempre la misma.

if guitars could be fused

to invent a firm symphony

so that I understood the wisdom of the ground.

if oxygen could be amassed

crafting a statue of emptiness

that transforms after any scene.

if the rocks could be turned

into lullaby i could sleep.

if each music might resound now

the landscape would be other

i would be other

but the music would always be the same.

— Translated by Lea Graham

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About The Author

Sergio Coddou

Sergio Coddou was born in Santiago de Chile in 1973. He is the author of two books of poems: Lyrics (Rottweiler Editions, 2005) and Machina (Tacitas Editions, 2007). In 2013 he published a translation of Robert Lowell’s poetry and prose, Apuntes Autobiograficos (UDP Editions, 2013). He has written articles, columns and essays about literature and music which have been published in Artes y Letras, “Revista de Libros” and various other journals. He is married and the father of four children. He has a B.A. in literature from the Catholic University of Chile (1998) and a graduate degree in General Literature from the University of Chile (2003). He is currently translating the prose and poetry of Delmore Schwartz for UDP Editions and is at work on a project that combines prose and poetry, whose working title is Bildungsroman.