Mixed Media

Bony Orbit Caleb Parkin

Bony Orbit


Caleb Parkin is a poet, performer, facilitator, educator, and filmmaker based in Bristol, England.

Wasp's Honey

Wasp’s Honey


A video poem by Martha McCullough.

The Expiration

The Expiration


A short film by Lotus Hannon based on a poem by John Donne.

The Mamba, Hanna Ojala



Hanna Ojala, 33, is a self-made poet and filmmaker from Finland, who has finally found her way of creative expression through video poetry and is keenly learning more every day.

Lost in Homeland by Rossanee Nurfarida

Lost in Homeland


A video poem by Rossanee Furfarida, filmed by Ryan Anderson

Three Text-Centric Videopoetry Shorts


Today, a triptych: Jane Glenn, Marilyn McCabe, Nance Van Winckel. From kinetic text to various other approaches to text on screen, the written word, the logos, its straight lines and curves–these play a central role in the work of these videopoets.

In the Circus of You


Illustrator/motion artist Cheryl Gross and Poet Nicelle Davis, create a grotesque peep-show that opens the velvet curtains on what Mikhail Bakhtin refers to as “the carnival.” The carnival is the creation of a second world—a second life—a second self. In the Circus of You, chronicles a woman’s journey into her alternate reality. In the big-top-of-the-self, she faces her issues with sanity, motherhood, monogamy, divorce, creative / destructive impulses, appropriation, and ultimately beauty. The poems and images create a novel-in-verse where dead pigeons talk, clowns hide in the chambers of the heart, and the human body is turned inside out.


Ghosts by Hannah Kittle


Within “Ghosts,” Hannah Kittle explores the estranged relationship with her grandmother, juxtaposing the narrative with the history of the West Virginia State Penitentiary.

eine zweite dritte sonne


Oravin is an Austrian poet and audiovisual performer. His performances have brought him to Berlin, Helsinki, Tokyo, Sarajevo and Marseille (among other places) and he has shown his video poems at festivals around Europe.


Hammersmith by Kate Sweeney


‘Hammersmith’ is a single-page animated poetryfilm, made in response to extracts from Sean O’ Brien’s poem of the same name.


Census by Lissa Kiernan


Lissa Kiernan is the author of Two Faint Lines in the Violet, (Negative Capability Press, 2014). Her book-length braided essay, Glass Needles & Goose Quills: Elementary Lessons in Atomic Properties, Nuclear Families, and Radical Poetics, is forthcoming from Haley’s. Individual poems can be found in numerous journals and anthologies and have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Along with her MFA from the Stonecoast program at the University of Southern Maine, Lissa holds an MA in Media Studies from The New School.”

What for July

What for July by Patrick Moser


What for July is a performative poem, realized through invented puppet characters considering a desperate month and a painful past.

Raven Spell

Rigging a Chevy into a Time Machine and Other Ways to Escape a Plague


For their video poem, director John Lavin selected visuals suggestive of Carolyn Hembree’s “Raven Spell,” including handcrafted environments, bird murals, the poet’s photos of Appalachia, and outer space. The film depicts the poet creating a three-dimensional environment with her own hands, one that she can interact with and incorporate into her sorcery. “Raven Spell” is included in Hembree’s second collection, Rigging a Chevy into a Time Machine and Other Ways to Escape a Plague, winner of the 2015 Trio Award and the 2015 Rochelle Ratner Memorial Award (Trio House Press, 2016).