Morning’s Fishing


Artist’s Statement: “Morning’s Fishing” continues my investigation of the use of text in pieces such as In Silence. The poem is from my collection Antípodas and here I explore a more playful relationship with the text weaving in and out of the images. I filmed it over two days in the Andalusian coastal village Punta Umbría where I found a wonderful cast of possible culprits, or witnesses… The sound is very important to me and here a feather on a sheet of paper became both a flapping flag and the sea on the beach. I don’t have any preconception of what a videopoem should be and enjoy the challenge of each poem and the visual language it suggests.

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About Author


Charles Olsen is a poet and artist from New Zealand currently based in Spain. He has published two poetry collections, Sr Citizen (2011) and Antípodas (2016). In 2018 he received the III Antonio Machado Poetry Residency of Segovia and Soria, and in 2017 the XIII distinction Poetas de Otros Mundos from the International Poetry Fund. Together with the Colombian writer Lilián Pallares he created the audiovisual production company antenablue and their films have been shown in festivals worldwide and featured on Moving Poems. See more at and

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