Moths don’t fear me any more.  Settle at leisure

on sink and shade, row so slowly

the beat of their wings

stir the hairs on my face.

Each day is shorter, each sun less eager.

It’s the season of harvest, nuts and clusters,

mushroom-haunted dawns and dusks,

fattened calves, serious thoughts

about fixing roofs and getting older.

The light we longed for spirals closer,

overflowing every facet

of our compound eyes.









Photo by Jim Brekke on Flickr

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About Author

Joy Ladin, Gottesman Chair in English at Stern College of Yeshiva University, is the author of six books of poetry: newly published The Definition of Joy, Lambda Literary Award finalist Transmigration, Forward Fives award winner Coming to LifeAlternatives to History and The Book of Anna, (all from Sheep Meadow Press), and Psalms (Wipf & Stock). Her memoir of gender transition, Through the Door of Life:  A Jewish Journey Between Genders, was a National Jewish Book Award finalist and Forward Fives winner. Her work has appeared in many periodicals, including American Poetry Review, Prairie Schooner, and Parnassus: Poetry in Review, Southwest Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, and North American Review, and has been recognized with a Fulbright Scholarship.


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