Image of a confessional booth with red brown door frames in a stone building.

after José Olivarez

forgive me for I have sinned. it’s good friday & I’m driving through vermont with my girlfriend.
she holds my right hand, my left on the steering wheel. someday, we’ll get married on a whim in
a forest or a bookstore or at a town hall & kiss in the crosswalk after. I don’t fast anymore. I
don’t give anything up. it’s true, I am obsessed with abundance & ice cream & the softness of her
skin. what does it mean to be lapsed?
___a) expired
___b) voided
___c) finished
___d) none of the above
___e) all of the above
I’m sorry if there are no right answers. (there is no textbook for this one.) instead, you’ll have to
search the stars as they rise at night. one day, there will be a way without ashes. a path without a

Photo by Julien Maury, used and adapted under CC.