Nefertiti, Duck!

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Poetry

History hits you—headlong into swan dive

That mushy cataclysm called morning

Opens your eyes. Back to your beloved mystery

But fake phone calls, gunshots, screams, disguises,

people pretending to be dead, and other devices

take advantage of a reader’s assumptions.

But these waves will not forget this day, as our voices

Accept the fact that our own personal mysteries

Aren’t quite as exciting, nor will they ever be.

Yet an oblivious city rises up each time that

Familiar melody plays. The calligraphy of a car slices

Through evening’s infinite violet. There is no

Photogenic heaven, and there will be no bloodless coup.



Photo By: Jamie Pichora

About The Author

Larry Sawyer

Larry Sawyer curates the Myopic Books reading series in Chicago and is the co-director of The Chicago School of Poetics. His books include Unable to Fully California (Otoliths Press), Vertigo Diary (BlazeVox Books), and Breaking Lorca (White Hole Press). Cy Gist Press will publish his BESTIARY in 2014. Larry also edits milk magazine (since 1998). His poetry and literary reviews have appeared in publications including The Chicago Tribune, Action Yes, Forklift Ohio, Vanitas, Skanky Possum, Exquisite Corpse, Court Green, Shampoo, Rain Taxi, Van Gogh’s Ear, and elsewhere. Chicago Reader picked him as Best Poet in its 2012 and 2013 Readers’ Poll. About Vertigo Diary: “ … Larry’s poetry gives me the best kind of vertigo: the kind where you’re afraid of falling, but when you do you fall into a soft, meaty, sensual, smart ravine that shakes you pretty good, but instead of killing you it turns you into a Thinking Cocktail. What a scary and fine artist Mr. Sawyer is!” —Andrei Codrescu