Artist’s Statement: When I first published Haiku while in college, imagism was an influential artistic philosophy. Imagism is a more primitive form of knowledge than linguistic constructions. It is close to sensory exploration of the world. I strive to convey moods, experiences, and scenes through descriptives with a minimum of language syntax. I try never to use like or as; to employ them would be a confession that I could not provide a sufficiently detailed concrete description that the reader could by herself distinguish and compare the referenced objects. Imagism is not simply a representational philosophy of art, not a mirror of the world, for symbols and symbolic meaning are in the world and experienced through behavioral association prior to linguistic construction of meaning. With these artistic commitments, it was a natural step for me to produce videopoetry, using film – visual images of scene and act, sound effects, and music – to create a powerful poetic experience in the viewer. The haiku videopoem, “No Name No Verb,” is my artistic philosophy in action.