Orators and hoodwinkers alike

difficult times are sometimes lovely

watching queer jilted foxes dress in taffeta

a darling comet of naked fuchsia


the squelch of the to-be or not-to-be moment

when the soul is not so lemon meringue and virginal

foreplay a rich—deep—dark—chocolate Hershey’s kiss

his quirt spanking the yak


soupy tornados return to the great plains of probability

mixing motor oil with gin in the mop bucket

freed high-heeled strappy moccasins discombobulated

as the silt of salubrious concoctions unbuttons the pantry of plenty


yo—mountaineers and flatlanders

loveliest of all the caddy slammed his 13 degree loft driver

hard against my juried browsed wow

his slimy fish fin inching up my rice paper panties


personalized golf balls left in the bag

in the name of the almighty sandwich

let it be known: he spelt me up

and I liked it

Photo Source: Jungle8