One Step Away


Artist’s Statement: The majority of my films deal with gender or racial inequalities existing in American culture today. There is no end in sight in terms of material to use as fodder. This can be quite exhausting to focus on repeatedly, so when I woke up one morning with a positive dream still present in my head, one dealing with the importance of trust and encouraging words, I couldn’t help but use it for my next videopoem. What happened in the dream both suggested the text and led to the choices of found footage clips.

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About Author


Caroline Rumley is a film-maker and visual artist working with video, pictures, found footage, spoken word, cinemagraphs, and sound. She is interested in the visual narrative in its many forms, particularly in what Malcolm Gladwell calls a “thin-sliced instance,” that brief flash that tells you all you need to know. Her experimental documentaries and video poems have been screened, exhibited, and published in the US and Europe, most recently at the Atlanta Film Festival and the Houston Center for Photography. Her work is included in Charlotte Cotton’s Best of 2017. She lives and works in Atlanta, and sometimes Vienna.

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