My friend calls and worries. That maybe Oreos are coming to an end. That maybe constant
luxury will be a thing of the past. That maybe capitalism will retain its chokehold on a world
already grasping last breaths. That maybe we don’t realize that these are last breaths. That maybe
what is abundant today has every right not to be abundant tomorrow and yet I consume what is in
my house as if this was not a truth we all haven’t learned by now. No, not learned as much as
savagely and ruthlessly carved into us. And, ok, fine, they say humanity is running low on
humanity but I’m running low on protein bars and rGBH-free 2% milk. They say I can help with
the former but for the sake of honesty it’s the latter that concerns me more at the moment.
Another lesson learned: you can’t eat humanity, nor drink it, nor use it to charge a phone. Fair
enough then that it makes meals of us, taking its time, savoring every bite.

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash