Atticus Review is pleased to present the second and final installment of Oxidane, an interactive novel in text and images created in the Tapestry application by Nicole Matos.

Artist’s Statement:

I discovered the Tapestry mobile app in the summer of 2014 and immediately thought, hmmmm, what can I do with that? I have long been interested in digital storytelling, but rarely have I come across a user interface as simple and intuitive as Tapestry. The other spur to this project was the enormous—and enormously inspiring—gif repository indexed at  Although gifs, for the casual user, might have an unfair stereotype as shallow reaction shots, comic kittens, and the like, there’s actually a world of vibrant artistry available in the gif medium, much of it bizarre, complex, unsettling. The “looped” nature of gifs—part static, part motion, all vibration and repetition–seemed to me an ideal complement for a tappable story, with its clipped lines and strong forward, temporal thrust. I hope readers enjoy the results.





Nicole Matos ( is a Chicago-based writer, professor, and derby girl. Her work has appeared in such publications as Salon, The Classical, The Rumpus, theNewerYork, Atticus Review, Monkeybicycle, THE2NDHAND txt, berfrois, Chicago Literati, neutrons protons, Vine Leaves, Requited, Burningword, and others. Follow her on Twitter at @nicole_matos2.



Photo By: Pedro Arellano