Click here to experience “Pangram (The Quick Brown Fox)”

Artist’s Statement:

“Pangram (The Quick Brown Fox)” is an interactive Flash piece that plays with the concept of a pangram and provides a hypothetical back-story to the most widely-known example of the form. The first phase of the work is the twenty-eight letters of the alphabet arranged into the well-known pangram that begins “The quick brown fox…” In this phase, the pangram’s back-story is presented in fragmented form, with each letter of the alphabet beginning a different sentence in the narrative. Once the fragmented form has been read, the letters of the pangram rearrange themselves into alphabetical order, and the narrative can be read in its linear form. The piece perpetually loops between its linear and fragmented forms. “The Quick Brown Fox…” uses color and sound as part of its presentation, and these play a role in the deconstruction and reconstruction of the narrative.






Photo by Riccardo Cambiassi