Pins is a poem from my first book, Love is Meat which was self-published in 2012. The film’s purpose is in celebrating life’s smallest victories, in places where they mean the most. It was filmed in 240fps (frames per second) in an attempt to capture a fleeting moment, to extend the time from the “almost” to the “concluded,” and to capture the distinctively surreal experience that is the Midwestern hero.


“I am not a hero,”
Came a cry
From the man holding the trophy.
“I am a bowler.”
His mustache,

His heart,
Pumped with joy.
The perfect game.
Even after seven American style beers.
“I don’t even own these shoes.”
“Do I get a food coupon, or just the trophy?”
“Where can I get this engraved?”
His pleated pants,
Tucked away his pressed work shirt,
And then
There were celebration nachos.



About The Author

David W. Pedersen

David W. Pedersen is a director, writer, producer and composer from the South Chicago Suburbs. He is co-founder of The Post-Recession Midwestern Surrealism Movement, and runs the independent film company Synthetic Love Films with his wife Kimberly. Pedersen is currently in the process of writing his second collection of shorts and poems entitled Nordic Compass and will be directing his first
feature-length film this summer.