How to Play a One-Night Stand

You’ll walk into a bar with friends,
and there he’ll be: Lust himself

in combat boots, dark jeans.
He’ll ask you to do something

you don’t do – like drink a Cuba Libre,
or shoot pool – and when you do,

he’ll find a way to graze your ass.
Hours will pass. You’ll down

what little’s left, then stumble out,
hands flying as he grabs your waist.

You won’t remember what he calls you.
You won’t remember how he tastes.

If you stay up hoping that he’ll call,
you’ll stay up very late.

How to Play a One-Night Stand

Photo used under CC

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About Author


Andrea Rogers is a poet, musician, and postdoctoral fellow at Georgia Tech, where she teaches writing. She is the recipient of the 2015 Agnes Scott Writers’ Festival Poetry Prize, judged by Tracy K. Smith, and two Academy of American Poets awards. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in Hunger Mountain, The Adirondack Review, District Lit, and anthologies by Black Lawrence Press, Negative Capability, and Red Paint Hill. She and her band, Night Driving in Small Towns, have been featured by Rolling Stone and NPR.

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