“Poe’s Purloined Molars” is one of a series of bedtime horror stories for adults. As in several of the pieces, birds and tongues are repeated images of the visual vocabulary. The animation is part of a larger multimedia project called The Hem-nal with Charlotte M. Porter that explores hidden versus shared realities. The Poe section was inspired by my fantasies, Edgar Allan Poe’s life and his story “Berenice.” The piece incorporates inherent poetic qualities of movie and image-making programs. Presentation of the written story is meant to challenge the traditional way text is read.  Images, text and animation are by Christy Sheffield Sanford. Music is “Arrythmia/ a lost battalion of conversationalists jumping down the stoops off fire escapes off Empire State out of the moon into vacant Ohio factories” by The Fucked Up Beat, sound by Eddie Palmer, words by Brett Zehner.

Christy Sheffield Sanford lives near the majestic St. Johns River in Florida. She holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and Interarts from Antioch University and has won an NEA in Poetry. Sanford is the author of seven small press books including The Cowrie Shell Piece (Baroque and Rococo Strains), The Hs: the Spasms of a Requiem and French Kisses. Her animation “Julia Child’s Legs” was a finalist in the 2016 Carbon Culture Review competition, and “Rolled Hem or Nadine” will be published by Amp at Hofstra University in 2017. Sanford has a poem and collage devoted to Hannah Höch in the recent Black Scat “Dada Forgery” issue.