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I am from many places. Born in Virginia, raised in Chicago in a dominantly Lithuanian household. I have Canadian and Brazilian influence via my mother and German via my father. Overarching and most scientifically, my molecules are interwoven with all matter in the universe, and so, I naturally tell people I am from outer space—and they completely believe me. Where we are is relative. I believe that the existence we know as reality is a dream, and our dreams are our reality. “There” is mutable — see Stein’s “there is no there there” — you see, we have already been there and returned. So place is never concrete for me, and this is reflected in my work. The place always changes, the scene is always different. Poems are like tiny films to me. A new recess of the mind creates for a moment an environment in which for me to lay out my poem. And then it is gone. These fleeting places created from the universal consciousness. So real and yet imagined. These poems are from an upcoming chapbook titled “These Are My Dreams” (publisher 2014, TBD).



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About Author

Lina ramona Vitkauskas is the author of SPINY RETINAS (Mutable Sound, 2014); Professional Poetry  (White Hole Press, 2013);   A Neon Tryst (Shearsman Books, 2013); HONEY IS A SHE  (Plastique Press, 2012); and   THE RANGE OF YOUR AMAZING NOTHING (Ravenna Press, 2010). She is the recipient of the Henry Miller Memorial Library Ping Pong Journal Prize (selected by Eleni Sikelianos) and  The Poetry Center of Chicago's Juried Reading Award  (selected by Brenda Hillman). Publications include Spork, Coconut, The Awl, DIAGRAM, Tarpaulin Sky, The Chicago Review, The Toronto Quarterly—among many others. With Larry Sawyer, she has co-edited milk magazine (since 1999). She has also served as a part-time faculty member at the Chicago School of Poetics for 2011-2013. Her website is www.linaramona.com.

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