Artist’s Statement:  ‘Pot head’ is a poem I wrote based on my earlier youth. Bryan Dickinson (actor/director) wanted to make some poem films of my work and we chose four all together. We came up with the idea of putting the four films together by linking the characters as the subject of one of the other poems. ‘Pot head’ is the third in the series.

Trevor Meaney  was born in Waterford, Southern Ireland in 1984 and moved to Lancaster England as a teenager. He studied drama and creative writing at the University of Cumbria, worked for the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy teaching drama to primary school aged kids, and led workshops for teenagers in deprived areas on poetry and improvisation for the local Lancaster ‘Spotlight’ organization’s  “Listening to Youth” project. In 2013 his poetry ‘career’ started when he won the Spotlight SLAM two years running.  He has since performed at various festivals around Britain such as Kendal Calling and the Cheltenham Poetry Festival, and in 2014 took his own solo show (meaney’s mouthburst ) up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.