Psych Interview With a Rape Victim

by | Aug 2, 2011 | Poetry

I was cleaning when the door bell rang.

I let him in. I ran for the phone. He caught me,

shoved me to the floor. Have they arrested him?

He jumped on top of me, pinned my arms behind

my back, then something strange,

he blindfolded me.

He tore at my blouse,

lifted my skirt. I told him I had my period,

but that didn’t stop him.

He told me to shut up,

said he’d kill me if I didn’t.

That’s when I felt the knife.

I was so scared I couldn’t even cry.

It was like I was numb,

you know,

couldn’t move,

couldn’t scream,

he had his hand over my mouth.

I’m not sure,

there was a noise,

then he ran out the back.

No, he always seemed fine,


good with kids,

he teaches across the hall from me, fifth grade math.

Mr. Thompson, Bill Thompson.

Three years, I think, moved here from Ohio,

he and his wife.

Problems, not that I know of. I met

her at a school picnic, seemed nice enough,

but was homely looking, you know, that no

makeup Pentecostal look, but sweet.

I think I’ll sell the house,

its too big for just one person, anyway,

maybe start over out west some place. I

have a friend in Santa Monica,

so who knows, I might do it,

or travel. I’ve never really been anywhere.

What do you think?

I’d go as soon as school let out for the summer,

no, somewhere unusual, Vietnam maybe.

I saw it on the Travel Channel last week

and it seems like a interesting place to visit.

Yea, wild, I know, but I’ve got to get my mind off

of this, and you suggested it, okay,

maybe not Vietnam, but travelling some place,

getting away. I think you’re right. Yea,

that’s a good idea, take my friend with me,

I’m sure she can get some time off.

So it’s settled, I’m doing it. Shit,

it’s like dying on the opposite side

of Paradise.




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Matthew Hamilton

Matthew Hamilton is a high school librarian in Richmond, Virginia and a graduate of the Fairfield University MFA Program. His chapbook, The Land of the Four Rivers, published by Cervena Barva Press in 2012, was nominated for a 2013 Pushcart Prize. He is currently working on a novel.