It has been 21 weeks since your last Instagram post. It has been 44
weeks since the photo of sunflowers in the backyard. It has been 68
weeks since your friend commented: GORG. It has been 101 weeks
since you boarded a plane. It has been 303 weeks since you stole a
rock from a beach in Normandy. It has been 973 weeks since the
Twin Towers collapsed. It has been 1567 weeks since the launch of
the Hubble Space Telescope. It has been 2244 weeks since Pierre
Trudeau pirouetted behind Queen Elizabeth II. It has been 4027
weeks since your grandmother was born. It has been 6855 weeks
since Van Gogh lopped off his ear. It has been 12,347 weeks since a
sheep, a duck, and a rooster went up in a hot air balloon. It has been
21,947 weeks since the premiere of Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of
Julius Caesar
. It has been 107,284 weeks since he was stabbed.


SCROLLING by Morgan Cross



Photo: The launch of Hubble Space Telescope on April 24, 1990, NASA