Second Thoughts


Desire is the fate of

place and its beginning,

the reach need gives

to fingertips and teeth,


breath’s second self

warm and breathing,

the I in each you, I

say, for convenience


sake, the locus of self

brimming with pasts,

lifting like waves and falling,

skin chilled and drawn


toward each occasion

of touch, accidental,

of course, and incertain,

the temper of things.







Photo by David Ip


About Author

Michael Anania is a poet, essayist and fiction writer. His published work includes numerous collections of poetry, among them Selected Poems (l994), In Natural Light (1999) and Heat Lines (2006). His poetry is widely anthologized and has been translated into Italian, German, French, Spanish and Czech.  He has also published a novel, The Red Menace, and a collection of essays, In Plain Sight. Anania was poetry editor of Audit, a quarterly, founder and co-editor of Audit/Poetry, where he edited special issues of the poetry of Frank O辿ara and Robert Duncan. He was poetry and literary editor of The Swallow Press, poetry editor of Partisan Review and a contributing editor to Tri-Quarterly. Anania taught at SUNY at Buffalo, Northwestern and  the University of Chicago and is Professor Emeritus of English at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He lives in Austin, Texas and on Lake Michigan.

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