Artist’s statement: I always take my kids on a one-day adventure at the end of the summer. No particular destination, nothing fancy, just drive somewhere and see what we can find. It’s always a confusing ritual because while we’re exploring, time stands still but simultaneously we’re aware that time is running out for summertime adventure. Last summer we ended up in the great tourist-trap hamlet of Hell, Michigan. In the gift shop I found a cap bomb like I hadn’t seen since I was ten. I remembered throwing one of those up and down endlessly as a kid, no doubt annoying the neighborhood adults and dogs. I had to buy it. We spent the day wandering the putt-putt course, walking the river, the railroad tracks. Getting ice cream. It was a muggy day, but with a crispness that only occurs when summer is wheezing its last breaths. I happened to have a camera and by the time we got home from our annual bittersweet adventure, I had the piece I wanted to make pretty much written and edited in my head. It’s a reminder to do all the summer you can before the clock runs out.