Artist’s Statement: This piece tells a story of letting go of the past, letting go of old dreams, hopes and illusions, of meeting oneself and admitting the present state of being and acknowledging the former form of living. It may be addressed to a bygone lover or to the child within, as the receiver prefers.


A smoky memory of you,
silent jazz, a plume of bare shivers

Sitting on a foreign bed,
imaginary wine, soaring eagles
staring at the past, silly and content

Could have been

You are that much to me,
and I go on

I am still attached and alive,
never will I be like you didn’t take me
in my dreams – breathy, dribbling

Vaguely I determine your shape
amidst dim hovering butterflies

The air is thick and aimless,
I see you on my skin,
drawing near the nightfall

Every blink of an eye creates a new moment,
a new-born silky surrender to this never-will-it-be

And it feels so good I gape at my moonlit body,
falling, falling, ‘til the end of the endless end

I hear

Echoes, eagles, shivers
and I know this is an always-will-this-be.