Snakes and Ladders

by | Mixed Media

Artists Statement:

Snakes and Ladders explores the contrast between shoppers ascending skywards in glamorous shopping malls and poorer people who live in an underground world of concrete passageways. The film is a statement about attitudes in society today.

David Johnson is a witty and quirky performance poet, who mixes his stand-up humour with his own verse. His inspiration comes from the bizarre world that we live in. David has been a featured artist at poetry and literary festivals in the UK and the USA and has co-written and appeared in 2 plays for National BBC Radio 4. David co-founded Paralalia, a poetry partnership dedicated to promoting and encouraging live poetry performance and to bringing poetry to the public ear and eye in new an unusual ways. It was this desire that triggered his involvement in writing and producing poetry films Since 2008, David has worked with Bristol based-film-maker, Diana Taylor, bringing short poetry films to the public eye.

Diana Taylor has been working with Bristol Poets making poetry films since 2009. Her films have been shown in major venues in and around Bristol including the Watershed, the Arnolfini , Colston Hall M Shed and the BBC Big Screen. Diana’s poetry films have also been selected for numerous poetry film festivals including Portabello Film Festival, London, The Zebra International Poetry Festival Berlin, Liberated Words Poetry Film Festival Bristol, Visible Verse Vancover, Sadho International Poetry Film Festival, and Athens International Poetry Film Festival.

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