This week we bring you “Strangers in a Strange Land,” an all creative nonfiction package of essays and flash prose that revolve around culture, travel, The Other, and personal growth. So grab your passport and let our writers take you on a trip from Haiti (“Eldet”) to southwest Africa (“Makuwa”) to Southeast Asia (“Teaching Kindergarten in Thailand…”) to France (“How to Digress…” and “Baggage”), and finally to New York City, the Oklahoma countryside and places we traverse to find our narrative (“The Search for a Story”).


Eldet Rosie McFarland

Rosie McFarland


Makuwa Christina Mylonas

C. Evans Mylonas



Baggage Tippy Rex

Tippy Rex

The Search for a Story Jason Christian

The Search for a Story
Jason Christian

All photography by Mark Wyatt, unless otherwise indicated