Suffer Not, Sufferer



Addict: beefing self up with books and art

Atman: swaddled in family and then thrust out of it

Art: waiting on the other side

Brahman: a wife and two children

Carried Shame: does anyone love you now?

Conditioning: lying rubbery and blank in a crib

Consciousness: some people don’t fit

Curriculum Vitae: a burrito without the wrap

Hopelessness: other people’s experiences

Inferno: a little photo book I put together

Literature: the man with the truck drove six hours on I-95 up the east coast

Mother: a rental for consciousness

Non-dualism: floating down rapids in an inflated tire lining

Overdose: an illusion of identity soldered onto the false linear timeline

Perspective: shame is everywhere, and everything

Reality: I’m not suggesting you do it

Rebel: afraid to fail

Scapegoat: you have every right to feel the way you feel

Self Hatred: his mother and father were wonderful people, let that be known

Shame: the ultimate reality in the universe

Suffering: tribes and groups, groups and tribes

Spirit: a stockbroker with Merrill Lynch

Time: poof


Jonathan Goldman, Reiki Chants Sei-He-Ki

Background Film Clip:
A Woman Under the Influence (1974) directed by John Cassavetes starring Gena Rowlands

Book Inspiration: The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey filed under : #226 in Books… Religion & Spirituality …Occult & Paranormal …Parapsychology … ESP which doesn’t seem quite right.


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