Sunny Side Café

by | May 27, 2014 | Poetry

I don’t know why the man in this café with an armload of children
thinks it’s okay to shovel plate-sized pancakes into his paunch
with such abandon,
but he does, even when his wife, who looks shapely and blonde again,
having lost most of the weight from her last pregnancy, lifts each bite
of egg white to her lips with a pair of tweezers,
and this being a decent family restaurant,
and this being a Sunday of all days,
you’d think the man might become suddenly conscious
of his behavior, feel shameful and sulk back into the booth
like a once proud syrup stain.



Photo By: Víctor Nuño

About The Author

Travis Mossotti

Travis Mossotti was awarded the 2011 May Swenson Poetry Award by contest judge Garrison Keillor for his first collection of poems, About the Dead (USU Press, 2011), and his work has appeared in such places as the Antioch Review, Manchester Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Subtropics, The Writer’s Almanac, Vallum and many others. In 2009, he was awarded the James Hearst Poetry Prize from the North American Review by contest judge Robert Pinsky, and in 2010 his poem “Decampment” was adapted to screen as an animated short film. He currently resides in St. Louis with his wife Regina and their daughter Cora.