Jayeeta Ghorai

Letters from Leeds: Joy Rises From the Dead

Editor’s note: “Letters from Leeds” is an ongoing series of letters between Atticus Books publisher Dan Cafaro and writer Jayeeta (“Joy”) Ghorai. Joy initially approached Dan about writing a column about epiphanies, journeys, readings, films, and other random observations — and Dan spontaneously decided that Joy needed to become his pulse to the broader world of literature. The following letter is in response to Dan’s initial correspondence.

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Old Love, New Playgrounds

Perfumes. High fashion. Brands. Megastores. Malls. Shopping. Chocolates.

Everyone had told me everything about England save…books! The lack of ‘been there, done that’ holiday pictures featuring books proves yet again, they have lost their equity value and are no longer considered status enhancing.

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The AR Reading List

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