This Week at Atticus Review – 08.08.2016

Last night, I watched Katie Ledecky summarily win Gold in the 400 Freestyle in Rio, beating her own world record (made earlier in the day) by nearly two seconds and beating the next closest swimmer by five seconds. I’m still sweating just thinking about it. After the race, Ledecky told an interviewer beside the pool that she knew she would win and get the time she did because the swim she’d made earlier that morning had felt good and she knew she had more in her. It’s inspiring witnessing athletes at the top of their game. It’s inspiring to witness that level of confidence in one’s own abilities, a confidence that isn’t cocky, but instead is just calm and knowing and comes from hours and hours of practice.

My God, the Olympic Games have been a welcome dose of positivity in a summer that has been filled with unrelenting negativity. In a world that seems broken by bravado and bluster, the athletes at the games offer a humble antidote.

On that note, here’s what’s coming up this week at Atticus Review…

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