Volume 1 issue 32 (20 December 2011)

Song and Dance

If I won a million bucks, I don’t think it would feel quite as good as hearing Boz Scaggs’ “Lido Shuffle” come on at a dance, and everyone watching me twirl and twirl and twirl to the keyboard solo, after which I would hear them...

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Words to That Song

She danced in the crowd near the stage. The lights were in my eyes and I could not see her clearly. The crowd surged with the music, now bringing her closer, now pulling her away. I kept forgetting the words. So I sang anything,...

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The Bequest

“The image never goes away. “I’m unable to see him, but I can feel his hand on my right shoulder. I blanch at the odor of tobacco and booze as he warbles too close to my head. His voice is pregnant with regret, the elegy of...

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The AR Reading List

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