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Old Love, New Playgrounds

Perfumes. High fashion. Brands. Megastores. Malls. Shopping. Chocolates.

Everyone had told me everything about England save…books! The lack of ‘been there, done that’ holiday pictures featuring books proves yet again, they have lost their equity value and are no longer considered status enhancing.

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Twenty years after college, Penny and Dave turned up in Miami. Back in dorm days, they used to phone the always sober and perpetually single Lucky Tang to pick them up on weekend nights when they got too stoned or stranded. Now, Penny and Dave had cars of their own, plenty of money (somewhat mysteriously)

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The Cave

As a boy I enjoyed playing with my sisters under the sheets on my parents’ bed. At times we pretended it was a tent, and at other times it was an igloo at the North Pole, though the most wonderful game was the cave. How big my parents’ bed was!One day I grabbed the flashlight off the night table and told my sisters I was going to explore the bottom of the cave. At first they were laughing, but they got nervous and began to shout my name. I ignored them and kept on crawling until I no longer heard their cries. The cave was enormous. When the batteries ran out I couldn’t go back. I can’t remember how long it’s been since then. My pajamas don’t fit me anymore, and I have to dress like Tarzan.

I heard Mom died.

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