by J. Malcolm Garcia

An American journalist in Afghanistan investigates whether his subject, a 16-year-old boy, is being recruited for jihad by a madrasa in Kabul


by Grace Jean-Pierre

This experimental journey provides an inside glimpse of the complex emotions of a Haitian immigrant experiencing the lingering tremors of her homeland’s devastating 2010 earthquake.


The Pit1
by Maggie Hellwig

A harrowing look at a young woman struggling to contain her urge to self-harm.


Self-Muzzling in a Clickbait World That Never Could Have Spawned the Sex Pistols without The Kinks
by Mike Catello

A man suffering from social anxiety gradually learns to speak truth to power–and to family members too.


by Kyle Holland

A short nonfiction about a first date and the unseemly problems that arose.


Cruising Paradise with Sam Shepard
by Michael Corrigan

An exploration of actor-playwright Sam Shepard’s work and and his golden-boy persona at a 1980 writers’ workshop.


This Dream of You: An Essay on Finally Seeing Bob Dylan Live
by Brian Sousa

A reflection on life, death, and the grand symbolic stage presence of the self-proclaimed song and dance man.