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Artist’s Statement: I have become interested in how my work in photography and writing might enter into a dialogue.The Image: Periphery series offers an opportunity to explore this creative possibility at the junction of image, sound and text.

Each piece begins with a medium format film photograph. The lo-fidelity aesthetic of the image explores my interest in atmospheres created through the optical conditions of plastic lens cameras. Soft focus, lens distortion, light leaks, vignetting — each of these traditional imperfections play a role in creating a visual environment that inhabits an alpha brain wave world of suggested daydreams, intuitions and memory. The micro-essay/poem element is a reflection on the photograph, but more importantly, of the environment surrounding the subject as heard and recollected in the field recording.

In the coalescence of these separate media elements, I hope to further my investigations of memory and how the act of image-making and textual storytelling engenders a sense of identity. Or in other words — how what we create, in turn, creates us.

— Philip Arnold

About The Author


Philip Arnold is a multi-media storyteller. His poetry has appeared in Rattle, The Iowa Review, Midwest Quarterly, Sou’wester, Sequestrum, and Southern Poetry Review. His essays have appeared in North Dakota Quarterly, The Olive Press and apt, where his piece, “Stereoscopic Paris,” was a notable selection in the 2017 Best American Essays anthology.

Philip’s photography has appeared in Apeiron Review, Compose, Cerise Press, Gravel Magazine, and in Black & White Magazine as a winner in the 2018 Pinhole/Plastic Camera category. In the past year, his analog-based work has been exhibited in the Silicon Valley Plastic Camera Show, 10th Annual Curious Camera Exhibit, and Somerville Toy Camera Fest.

His most recent documentary film, Into the Distance, screened at DocUtah International Film Festival, Film Festival of Colorado, Athens International Film Festival, Flatland Film Festival, and others.