The Man With A Balloon


A man with a balloon for a brain

strums a beautiful myrtle guitar

singing a lost, Irish tune

which falls to the ground

and bursts a bubble.


Again.  Again.

He is a lover

who lost his mother

and everywhere he carries her,

like a cloud around his face.


Why is he afraid?

Why is he whittling wood?

Why is he making house

& running like a jackrabbit?


“You are a tornado,” he tells me,

“I need a soft breeze.”


“Fair enough, blue sky,

I think I made you up,”

says the rain.


And on and on and

the man with the balloon

for a brain grows older.


Every time a twister hits

he hears the hum of “maybe”

but his heart is an A-frame.


He built it, he knows what

it can stand.




Photo By: George


About Author

Amy Graziano is a graduate of the SIUC MFA Creative Writing program in Poetry. Her work has appeared in Blue Earth Review, Naugatuck River Review, DIAGRAM, The National Poetry Review, Quick Fiction, and Verse Daily, among others. She is currently an English Instructor at Lake Land College in Mattoon, Illinois.

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