Directed by Luke Ewing of
Poem by Phinehas Hodges:
Creative Director: Daniel Winne


Artist’s Statement:

‘The Ninth Hour’ is about the elusiveness of a tangible God. It is about longing and desire for just a glimpse of a being of beauty and ultimate power to create meaning in this brief life. It is about seeing the back of God disappearing ahead of you, in the trees, seeing God in glimpses, flashes of light, the reflection on the water: the way God seems to  glimmer, just out of reach, in the corner of your eye.


The Ninth Hour from Mothlight Creative on Vimeo.



So here I am, my love–


awakened by the leaves

at my window,

awakened thinking

I’ve heard the brush of angel’s wings.


Do you remember

how we walked, together,

and spoke in subtle ways?


and you were warm,

my love,

and the world was cold,


and now I rest

beside light-glazed rivers,

and the trees

burst yellow around me,

and fall


is here, my love,

and it is no longer enough,


the azure sky,

the sparrows nesting

in my eves,

the small rituals I bind

myself together with;


and where did you go?

I’ve looked

to the hills

and the coming clouds,


I’ve woke from terrible dreams

in which I cannot speak–

and if I have turned against you, my love,

have you not turned against me, as well?


have you not heard me

cry out in the night

much as you did:

Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani…


And where will I go?

The sun hurtles

to its burial ground,

and I cannot survive the winter,


and I wake from dreams

in which I find your body, broken

on the ground

and know suddenly, certainly,

that it was I who cast you down.


And my love,

oh my love,

I have searched for you

in all the quiet places:


in cemeteries

and aspen groves

and blithe and empty churches.


My love


won’t you come to me?

see me weary,

see me filled with small

possessions and regrets.


Won’t you come to me, my love?

now, now;

sing me a song of grace and desire…