The Situation Often Referred to As Poetry

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There is a situation often referred to as poetry. If you don’t

understand that, we’re at an impasse. Other situations are

possible, including stock car racing, but most of these

events go undetected. It’s similar to alien life forms or

endless rope tricks. Even special cowboys can’t lasso

every single lamb in the universe. Even house cats

look stupid in the bathroom mirror. For me, and my family,

we have numerous sweatshirts and various family traditions.

One of these is to exhaust ourselves in our sleep so

that when we awake we are livelier and smarter because

we’re so tired. At other times, we dress ourselves in robes

and lounge about the house, whistling softly and jutting

our bellybuttons toward the ceiling. My wife will

bring me ideas about capitalism or whatnot, perhaps

a recipe for veggie burgers. The thought of it all makes

me jumpy with love. The poetry we read to each other

makes us giggle. It’s always stuff like “you have a

ginormous, orange band-aid on” and other things like that

that just make you go, whoa!



Photo Source: Cowboy Lasso

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